Unlike typical recruitment or contract placement these days, where a job specification is matched to a CV (often a computer programme), we only refer our own network of experts that have gone through Cognitia's approved development pathways. Which means we not only know them well, but we have also evaluated their skills and experience through a review of their "real world" work.

We use our own Competency Assessors to develop personal relationships with our candidates that highlight their strengths, weaknesses and identifies not only their desired career development path, but the right roles for their chosen career expertise.

We make decisions based on our understanding of your expectations and by eliminating the risk of going through the whole selection process, only to be back at square one when the wrong individual has been put forward.

We achieve this simply by knowing the candidates based on their achievement of their work-based competency qualification, by going through a robust selection process and by pre-screening them to identify the individual we know will be right for you.

With a large pool of experts and professionals to select from, we know we can make the right decision on your behalf, so if you’re looking to employ an individual that will make a real difference in your business, click below to book a call and find out how we can help you.

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