Firstly, let us be clear, we're not a recruitment business, and entry on to our expert candidate network isn’t just a case of submitting a CV. We specialise in safety, health and construction management candidates with a long-term goal, not the next short-term contract.

Applicants wishing to be added to our network must either have been through one of our assessed qualification programmes or undergone a peer review by one of our Assessment Team. That’s how we really get to know you, your skills and your aspirations.

Being part our candidate network and personally knowing our team of experts, allows you to identify the right career pathway and enables you to use our expertise to help your aspirations come to fruition. This relationship permits us to find the right roles that become available within the market for you and your ultimate goals.

We appreciate the important factors that influence your decision when choosing a new role such as, developing your skills, ensuring there’s a clear career path or looking for a new challenge to strengthen your skill set. This is why we take the time to fully understand YOU, not just your skills or CV.

If you are looking for someone to recognise your goals and what you want from your career, to ensure you are not wasting time on roles and placements that won’t serve you or accelerate your career, then click below to book a call and find out how we can help you.